A Properly Maintained Vacuum is an Essential part of Carpet Cleaning

upright vacuumThere’s more to vacuuming your carpet than turning on the power switch and making a few simple passes.   Performing a regular inspection of your vacuum’s belts, filters, brush roller and bag or canister is very important part of proper carpet cleaning procedures.   All components of a vacuum cleaner must work in harmony in order to achieve optimal results.

  • Did you know a vacuum bag that is just 10% full may result in upwards of a 50% reduction in your vacuum’s efficiency?   A vacuum working harder to remove less soil causes a diminished life span of the vacuum itself.   Dry soil and grit left behind translates into more than just dirty carpet.   Particulate soil trapped down in your carpet yarns act like sandpaper, abrading and grinding away, reducing the life of the carpet and giving them that dingy trafficked appearance.   Consult your manufacturer’s manual or user guide for information on when to change the bag or empty the canister.
  • Bristles, brush rolls, agitators or beat bars on your vacuum do a large amount of the cleaning work and require periodic cleaning.   They gently lift the pile and kick up the stubborn particles of soil and other contaminants, allowing them to enter the vacuum’s air stream.  Worn bristles or brushes reduce the amount of debris removed causing soils to remain in the carpet.   Over time rollers and bristles become embedded with soil, hair lint, fuzz, carpet fibers and other nasty foreign materials.   If not cleaned regularly they can create a drag on the vacuum’s motor causing an early demise.   Dirty bristles can also cause built up soils to leave dirty streaks or black marks on the face of a carpet.
  • Vacuum belts are an important part of a vacuum cleaner because they help rotate the brush roller or beater bar.   With every use vacuum belts stretch from normal heat generated by the motor and can easily break.    Jammed or frozen rotating parts will also cause belts to melt, stretch and snap.   The heat created by friction can damage carpet fibers and also cause permanent unsightly black marks on the carpet face.   Ultimately a broken vacuum belt will result in very little soil from being sucked up.
  • Proper maintenance and replacement of  vacuum cleaners’ filters is essential to proper suction and airflow.    Filters trap and prevent the very fine dust particles not collected in the bag or canister from being blown back out into the air.   Some filters also protect the vacuum’s motor.   Blocked filters need to be washed or cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.   Blocked filters will cause reduced suction and a strain on the motor resulting in early replacement.

A quick check of these basic components before each vacuuming takes just a minute or two.   Residents in the Hazleton PA area can visit Johns Sweeper and Appliance for vacuum replacement parts and accessories.   Customers of Services Etcetera Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning can request a free vacuum inspection with every carpet cleaning.   Visit www.procleaner.biz or call (570)459-0429 for a free carpet cleaning estimate or to schedule an appointment.