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Why Carpet Cleaning needs to be part of Spring Cleaning Routine

Children playing on clean carpetSpring is known throughout history and in most cultures as a time for purification, renewal and rejuvenation.   Aside from all the religious and pagan rituals citing spring as a time for purification, health should be a main reason for having your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned.

After being cooped up with winters accumulating soil and germs it’s finally time to open the windows and let in some fresh air.   Carpeted floors and upholstered furniture all act like large air filters collecting any particulate soil that comes floating by.    Rugs, carpets and entry mats are considered the lungs of the house as most nasty allergy causing agents and other contaminants fall to the lowest point.   Studies have shown that inside air can be 5 times more toxic than outside air.

In addition to making your expensive home interior investments just look clean remember this; hair sprays, perfumes, common dirt, germs, spills, winter slush and other nasty substances have gathered and nested in your textiles for the last few months.   It’s time to remove these potentially harmful materials for an effective and healthy “spring cleaning”.

Choosing a true and trained cleaning professional can ensure a deeper cleaning and properly filtered equipment to eliminate soils from becoming airborne again while using safer and more effective cleaning solutions.   Just think of the cost of renting or purchasing a DIY carpet cleaner, the gas to get there, purchasing the detergents and selecting the proper carpet and fabric protectors and other specialty agents.   Then you still need to move the furniture and do the cleaning.  Hiring a reputable carpet cleaning company will actually save you time, money and aggravation in the long run while getting better results.  

On the subject of fabric upholstery, a thorough dry vacuuming is your first line of defense.   But it is important to make sure your vacuum cleaner is not blowing the soil back into the air.   Truck mounted cleaning systems have their vacuums located externally and therefore all soils are safely removed and collected outside the home.   If you decide to shampoo the furniture yourself make yourself aware of the manufacturer’s recommended instructions for cleaning.   Always check for the following codes as they each represent a recommended cleaning method;

  • “X” – Vacuum Only
  • “W” –  Wet Clean
  • “S” – Dry Clean
  • “W/S” – Wet or Dry Clean

Make carpet and upholstery cleaning an important part of your spring program.   Clean for health as well as aesthetics.    Above all read your manufacturer’s warranty and always follow their recommendations.

Cheap and Easy Holiday Carpet Spot Cleaning “Do’s and Don’ts”

Technician spot cleaning carpet spotWhether you are preparing for holiday guests or cleaning up after them, you can eliminate permanent carpet damage and or a costly bill from your local carpet cleaner by being prepared and tending to those little accidents promptly.  With the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays quickly approaching, it seems that with each passing year, there is more and more to prepare.   More places at the table to set, more deadlines to meet and more things to forget or just subconsciously put off until the last minute.   Now is a perfect time to make sure you have your carpet spot and spill cleaning response items close at hand.

Believe it or not you are probably almost very close to being prepared right now, you just need to get organized and informed on carpet cleaning basics.   Many of the following household items can be used to quickly clean up common domestic mishaps. Clear white vinegar can be used for carpet spot cleaning

  • White absorbent towels
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Spray bottle

Some of the spills and spots on your carpet during the holiday season are likely to be protein in nature.    Proteins can be found in milk, eggs, baby formula, coffee and other similar food items.    Other unsightly marks on your rugs or carpet might be oily.   Some bathroom and cosmetic products contain oils, someone’s shoes might track in tar or cooking oil might splash off the stove.   Holiday guests and visitors may bring a pet that has an accident causing pet urine odors.   Having the items mentioned above in one easy to reach location will save the day.

Each type of spot and stain on a rug is unique and needs to be treated different than others.   However a few basic principals apply.

  •  Blot, don’t rub.   Rubbing permanently distorts the carpet pile.
  • Use a dull edge such as a spoon for scraping dry material.
  • Spray or blot, don’t pour spot cleaning solutions.   Pouring may damage the carpet backing.
  • Always pretest cleaning solutions.   Test for adverse reactions first in an inconspicuous location.
  • Check your warranty information.   Carpet warranties usually give spot cleaning guidelines.

For a short demonstration on “carpet spot cleaning basics” watch our 2 minute video at

Protein soils can be treated using 2 tablespoons of clear white vinegar, a dash of dish soap and 6 ounces of water.    

Oil based spots can be cleaned using denatured alcohol.   However some spots may contain both oil and water based compounds and may require the use of dish detergent too.   Watch

Pet urine stains and odors can be counteracted with a half and half mixture of vinegar and water.   Check out other specific and informative “DIY carpet cleaning tips” by Services Etcetera Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning of Hazleton PA. 

Again, getting a few simple household items ready and in one location now can save time, aggravation and money on a rug cleaning service call in the future.   I highly suggest viewing some of the aforementioned videos for more specific instructions concerning different types of spills and spots on your rug.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Carpet cleaning pre spray being mixed for commercial applicationWhen your pet has an accident on the carpet or someone has a spill it can be stressful enough, but choosing a “professional carpet cleaner” that best fits your needs can be more taxing.   There are a few factors that should be considered when making your final decision.   Having cleaned carpets in the Mountaintop PA, Berwick PA and Hazleton PA areas for 24 years, I highly recommend the following 5 steps for choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company should be taken into consideration.     

  1. Narrowing Down the Field – first consult your warranty documents whether it’s upholstery or carpets.   The information provided by the manufacturer not only includes specific instructions for approved cleaning methods but most warranties now specify the certifications your cleaning company should possess.   Not following these guidelines may void your warranty.
  2. Look for an “IICRC” or “The Clean Trust” certified firm – when doing your research.   Companies like Services Etcetera Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and bearing these certifications are required to update their training regularly, adhere to a code of ethics and are usually the carpet mill’s preferred choice to handle warranty claims.
  3. Ask your Prospects – where they are located and if they are a franchise or chain operation.   Shopping locally, within 20-30 miles, will provide you more accurate references and better your chances at finding someone who wants a relationship rather than just another sale.   Remember, the handsome and knowledgeable serviceman in the TV commercial is not the person showing up at your door.
  4. Ask about a Guarantee – a reputable business either offers one with conditions or they won’t offer one at all.   Beware of the guy who promises the world because there is no magic wand and a true professional will usually under promise and try exceed your expectations.
  5. Word of Mouth Referrals – are an excellent source of information, ask a relative, friend or colleague.   Ask the company you call to provide the references; maybe they have a customer who had a situation similar to yours.   Having worked in the cleaning industry for over 23 years I maintain a file of report cards, pictures and other testimonials from my customers.

   After making your choice it’s a good idea to address your expectation up front to avoid any misunderstandings.   But the five questions you should be asking before you hire a carpet and upholstery cleaner are what does my warranty say, what certifications do they have, are they local, is there a guarantee and do they have references?