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5 Important Questions to ask when Purchasing Carpet for your Home

Picture of bamboo carpet samplesWhen researching his or her subjects a good journalist considers who, what, when, where and why.   These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself when considering new carpet for your home.   Make a list of your habits, hobbies and other particulars that will help guide some of the decisions your sales rep may present. 

Why carpet and not hardwood or laminate flooring?

  1. Carpet is less expensive than hardwood flooring and may be easier on your budget.    The price of carpeting depends heavily on the quality.
  2. Carpet is quick and easy to install requiring far less time and labor.
  3. Carpeting acts as an insulator and is soft and warm underneath your feet.

Who will occupy the carpeted areas?

  1. Pet owners should consider the ease of cleaning up after an accident.   Laminates might be a better choice.
  2. Are there young children in the home?   Toddlers are prone to falling and carpet will cushion the impact.  
  3. Families that move frequently might consider return on investment when selling a home.    Buyers these days prefer hardwood.    Carpeting won’t command the same return for your investment.
  4. Individuals with allergies need consider that carpeting collects dust, pet hair and other debris.   When properly maintained carpet can keep these contaminants from easily becoming airborne.   Regular and professional carpet cleaning is recommended.

 What areas will I be carpeting and what are my expectations?

  1.  A high traffic living room or hallway might require more durable and tougher face fibers, providing greater resistance to stains.   In these areas a stain resistant nylon may be a good choice.
  2. In bathrooms, sun porches and laundry rooms susceptible to moisture, cleaning chemicals and or direct sunlight, olefin carpet would be a better choice.   It has superior resistance to bleaches, damage from moisture and color fading.   Olefin doesn’t last as long as nylon carpeting and you will usually see this type of carpeting in pool houses, basements, or other spaces that are not heavily used and that do not receive heavy foot traffic.
  3.  Looking for a carpet that ranks in strength between nylon and olefin carpet and has a very low price tag.    Consider polyester, it is non-allergenic, sheds moisture and resists moths and mildew at a lower cost than wool or nylon. While it’s susceptible to pilling, shedding and oil-based stains, it otherwise cleans fairly easily.
  4. The Carpet Buyers Handbook is an excellent reference for choosing the correct face fiber based on particular applications. 

 When is a good time to purchase my new carpet?

  1. Look for sales or slow periods to get a good deal.   However installation is another consideration.    Most “off-gassing” of new carpet occurs within the first 24 hours or so.   Schedule carpet installation when the weather is a bit warmer so you can open the windows for some air movement.   Properly ventilate with good air exchange for approximately 48 to 72 hours.   The new carpet smell should dissipate within this time.

Where should I purchase my carpet?

  1. Preparing yourself by understanding who, what, when and why will help you choose where you buy.   At least you will be able to tell if the salesman is knowledgeable or just trying to make a sale.
  2. Get referrals from friends and relatives.   Check with the Better Business Bureau.
  3. In Hazleton PA and surrounding areas, the professional staff of Bonomo’s Carpet and Floor Covering is a trusted name for sales and service.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Carpet cleaning pre spray being mixed for commercial applicationWhen your pet has an accident on the carpet or someone has a spill it can be stressful enough, but choosing a “professional carpet cleaner” that best fits your needs can be more taxing.   There are a few factors that should be considered when making your final decision.   Having cleaned carpets in the Mountaintop PA, Berwick PA and Hazleton PA areas for 24 years, I highly recommend the following 5 steps for choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company should be taken into consideration.     

  1. Narrowing Down the Field – first consult your warranty documents whether it’s upholstery or carpets.   The information provided by the manufacturer not only includes specific instructions for approved cleaning methods but most warranties now specify the certifications your cleaning company should possess.   Not following these guidelines may void your warranty.
  2. Look for an “IICRC” or “The Clean Trust” certified firm – when doing your research.   Companies like Services Etcetera Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and bearing these certifications are required to update their training regularly, adhere to a code of ethics and are usually the carpet mill’s preferred choice to handle warranty claims.
  3. Ask your Prospects – where they are located and if they are a franchise or chain operation.   Shopping locally, within 20-30 miles, will provide you more accurate references and better your chances at finding someone who wants a relationship rather than just another sale.   Remember, the handsome and knowledgeable serviceman in the TV commercial is not the person showing up at your door.
  4. Ask about a Guarantee – a reputable business either offers one with conditions or they won’t offer one at all.   Beware of the guy who promises the world because there is no magic wand and a true professional will usually under promise and try exceed your expectations.
  5. Word of Mouth Referrals – are an excellent source of information, ask a relative, friend or colleague.   Ask the company you call to provide the references; maybe they have a customer who had a situation similar to yours.   Having worked in the cleaning industry for over 23 years I maintain a file of report cards, pictures and other testimonials from my customers.

   After making your choice it’s a good idea to address your expectation up front to avoid any misunderstandings.   But the five questions you should be asking before you hire a carpet and upholstery cleaner are what does my warranty say, what certifications do they have, are they local, is there a guarantee and do they have references?